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€165 for IBOT Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner or €240 for IBOT XR210 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, incl. Delivery


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  • €165 for IBOT Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner or €240 for IBOT XR210 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, incl. Delivery
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  • For when you couldn't be bothered dragging out that rock of a hoover.
  • €165 for the IBOT Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner or €240 for the IBOT XR210 model.
  • Both including delivery within the Republic of Ireland.
  • Can clean while you're out, with clever wall sensors, stairs detectors and lots of other cool features.

R2-D2 may have been impressive in the 70s with all his moveable parts and breaking-ground technology but in terms of housekeeping he was such a let down.

Grab his cleaner cousin! €165 IBOT Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner or €240 for IBOT XR210 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - each including delivery within the Republic of Ireland. 

  • These dinky dudes can clean floors all by themselves - set them up and they'll roam around the room picking up whatever dirt that comes their way.
  • Great suction and bacteria-killing UV light.
  • Short enough to go under beds and sofas and a height sensor to stop it tumbling down the stairs.
  • Set them to clean while you're out - set the timer and they'll clean your wooden, tiled or carpeted floor.
  • Returns to its charging dock all by itself, making sure it's always full of juice and ready to clean.
  • IBOT Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner Features:
    • Improved main brush that can clean your floor deeper and quicker.
    • Self-adjusting cleaning head.
    • Easy to slide out bag-less particle bin making it easy to empty.
    • Remote control.
    • Timer located on charging base.
    • Automatically stops and returns to charging base if battery reaches a low point.
    • Stair avoidance detector.
    • Non-marring bumper.
    • Virtual wall detector - place the virtual wall near the door to prevent the cleaner from leaving that space.
    • Wall following sensor.
    • CE Approval for unit and GS/CE ,UL certificate for battery charger.
  • IBOT XR210 Features:
  • Elegant design with strong plastic material outer cover.
  • Four brush strips
  • Easily cleans corners and edges.
  • LCD touch panel.
  • Lower in height - stands at just 8.7cm in height.
  • UV Sterilizer and Mop, eliminates ugly stains, bacteria and germs.
  • Quiet - so no disturbing you during your sleep.
  • Multifunction controller - two level timer (by week or time).

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Subject to availability. Provide address when purchasing. Delivery included within ROI only.
See the rules that apply to all deals Delivery Timeframe: 14 days

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