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€195 for Laprascopic Keyhole Spaying for Female Dogs at Toby Vet Clinic (value up to €450)

Value €450 Discount 56% You save €255
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  • €195 for Laprascopic Keyhole Spaying for Female Dogs at Toby Vet Clinic (value up to €450)
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  • Improve the overall health and well-being of your precious puppy.
  • Pay just €195 for Laparoscopic Keyhole Spaying for female dogs at Toby Vet Clinic.
  • A mild spaying treatment, introduced to Ireland by Toby Vet's own Eamon Walsh.
  • Deal covers anaesthetic, analgesic, antibiotics and surgery time.
  • Rapid recovery time. No stitches necessary.

101 Dalmations may have lived happily every after in the same house in the movies but there's not a chance that would work in real life. Imagine the mess! The chaos! The clean-up! And you're no Cruella, you wouldn't abandon the puppies (or worse!) and let them wander the streets.

It's best to avoid that situation all together by paying just €195 (instead of €450) for a Laprascopic Keyhole Spaying for female dogs at Toby Vet Clinic.

Your dog is in the best hands at Toby Vet Clinic as vet Eamon Walsh introduced Laparoscopic spaying to Ireland in January 2010. 

The deal covers an anaesthetic, analgesic, antibiotics and surgery time. It's a very safe treatment that provides a rapid recover time. The incision is small and the operation quick. It's similar to keyhole surgery in humans in that it is less painful, virtually bloodless and there's no need for your dog to wear a restrictive head collar afterwards as stitches aren't necessary.

Once the anaesthetic has worn off your dog will be up and running about as normal. She'll have no idea that she's just had a little operation, instead she'll think she's just enjoyed a nice sleep.

In the video below you'll meet Sockie less than an hour after her Laparoscopic Spay surgery.


"When we decided to get our Shih Tzu Lexi neutered we were extremely nervous about the procedure and the recovery time, however that all turned out to be for nothing. A big thank you to Eamon and the rest of the staff at Toby Vets, who were absolutely fantastic. The keyhole procedure itself was fast with zero discomfort for our little dog (she was bounding around an hour later), to be honest it was so good you wouldn't have even known she had surgery at all. Highly, highly recommended."

Paul Lowry, Belfast

"It's like a dream to think that [our cocker spaniel Jessie] is now spayed, with no trouble or bad experiences for her or us, after only one day. She was ready to run again, but we restricted her for a few days: after 5 days she was racing the mountains of Crookhaven and doing a few miles in the sand dunes of Barley Cove, chasing the hundreds of rabbits that she has never managed to catch."
Maureen and Jimmy Newman, Cork

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Valid from Dec 16, 2012
Expires Mar 16, 2013
Limit: 4 for you and 4 gifts for others
Valid for new customers only.Surgery performed subject to health check. Open to female dogs under 7 years, covers all breeds up to 40kg. Can be done during heat and up to 3 weeks after heat ends or after 3 months following heat. Book before March 16 but coupon can be used up until June 16. Ideally spay before 1st heat for max. health benefits. Dogs who are overweight may be subject to surcharge as surgery is more complicated. Female dogs only. Allow three hours for consultation, surgery and for pet to wake up.
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