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Today's deal: €16 for 2 Main Courses & 2 Glasses of Wine or €19 for 4 Sushi Dishes & 2 Glasses of Wine (value up to €49.60)


David Walker commented about 1 year ago. Just wondering what sushi dishes are included (or excluded) ? Is it possible to get a sushi and sashimi bento for example?
Justin Air commented about 1 year ago. Hi, in the title it says 2 main courses and 2 wines, however in the description it says two-course meal for two (starters and mains) and wines, they are confuse me, so which one is correct.
Joanne from GrabOne commented about 1 year ago. Hi David

Thanks for your comment.

Here is the link to the menu you can order from:

Please note that platters are excluded from this deal so sashimi dishes are not included.

Any questions please get back to us.

Joanne from GrabOne commented about 1 year ago. Hi Justin

Thanks for your comment.

Apologies for the confusion.

The deal for €16 is for 2 main courses and a glass of wine for each person.

We have now corrected the description in the deal.

David Walker commented about 1 year ago. I had already looked at the menu thanks. I was confused as to what part of the menu the sushi option covered. Would I be right in saying that essentially, and you can choose 4 maki or nigiri? But not a bento?
Meghan Keaveney commented about 1 year ago. Hi David,

That's correct.

Meghan :)

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